A light in the dark.

Haindl Tarot

Spread by Lavender-Moon.com.

  1. What is the darkness I’m avoiding? Ten of Swords • Ruin. Problems in the material world, negativity.
  2. How has it been affecting me? Princess of Swords. Leading me to find solutions.
  3. How has it been affecting others? The Universe. They feel my love and compassion.
  4. What about it can help me? The Devil. Explore my darker feelings and their origins.
  5. What has the potential to hurt me? Princess of Wands. Not being confident about my abilities.
  6. How can I heal myself? Strength. Inner strength, kindness to myself as I work through.
  7. What light can I use to balance it out? Six of Wands • Victory. Confidence and firm actions.

Addictive personality

Dreamkeepers Tarot

I suffer for having an addictive personality. So, drew three cards: Ace of Cups, representative of my desire/addiction, Queen of Wands is to be inspired to act, then the Knight of Wands showed up, willing but becomes uncommitted. So what do I do with the Knight? Drew two cards to work on the uncommitted aspect, Ten of Wands, burdened, negativity and The World which indicates a resolution. How to bridge the Ten to The World? Judgement, spiritual transformation.

Uncovering spiritual blocks

Haindl Tarot


Self: current state. The Chariot. Will to continue. Following the path I have chosen.

Spirit: current state of my spirit. Six of Cups • Happiness. Balance and peace.

Shadow: current state of my shadow self. Four of Stones • The Power of the Earth. Creativity. Finding ways to search out what’s in my shadow self.

Blocks: what is blocking. Four of Wands • Perfection. Trying for perfection is a hard road.

Cleansing: Nine of Wands • Power. Use my energy and resilience to renew.

Care: Three of Cups • Overflowing. Feeling the joy of life.

Soul Healing

Wildwood Tarot

Spread by Ohm Terra

  1. My current situation. Five of Bows • Empowerment. My lack of empowerment is the situation.
  2. What part of my soul needs healing? Ace of Arrows • The Breath of Life. My mind is full of negativity, hard to breathe easily.
  3. How do I heal my soul? Eight of Arrows • Struggle. I have to keep moving forward, even when the arrows are flying around
  4. Outcome of healing. The Ancestor. Realizing that cycles come and go, as do our incarnations. Walk through to the next one.

Elements of Life

Haindl Tarot

Spread by Sarah Wilder

  1. Spirit: core self. Nine of Stones • Material Gain. Gaining confidence in my spirituality, abundance.
  2. Air: mindset. Six of Wands • Victory. Confidence and inspiration.
  3. Earth: finances, home life. Six of Cups • Happiness. Loving and being loved. Balance and peace.
  4. Water: relationships, emotional state. Six of Stones • Success. Finding inner strength.
  5. Fire: passion, intuition. Justice. Take a balanced view.

Past life

Haindl Tarot


  1. Current karmic lesson. Queen of Wands • Kali. Dark power, wild female energy.
  2. Current karmic blessing. Eight of Stones • Knowledge. Moderation, avoiding excess activity. After being so wild, my present life is mostly calm.
  3. Circumstances surrounding the end of previous life. Five of Cups • Disappointment. Wasn’t a good end of life.
  4. Experience in-between lives. Ten of Swords • Ruin. Regret over a not so good incarnation.
  5. Message and/or memory from past life. Sun. Look to live my life with life and energy.
  6. Lessons gained from past life. King of Wands • Brahma. Be more grounded and strong in spirit.
  7. Lingering vibes from previous incarnation. Four of Cups • Mixed Happiness. Peace and balance. Action leading to growth.
  8. Past life blessings carried over from previous incarnation. Death. Realizing that things end, but new things will come.
  9. Connecting purpose throughout lifetimes. The Hanged Man. Deep spiritual awareness. Independence.
  10. Outcome of current incarnation. The Devil. Something exciting or forbidden. Darker feelings. Wow.

Hagall spread

Hagall Tarot
  1. General situation: Five of Stones • Conflict. Problems with finances and illness.
  2. Something done or experienced to create the situation: Three of Stones • Work. The lack of work contributes to lack of finances.
  3. My beliefs about the situation: Ace of Cups. Optimism with the situation.
  4. Result if nothing changes: Two of Stones • Harmony. Neither finances or illness will shake me.
  5. Spiritual history: The Empress: being more in tune with Mother.
  6. Spiritual task: The High Priestess. Go deeply into meditation, increase intuition.
  7. Metamorphosis: The Moon. Let was is below come forth.
  8. Helper: Princess of Swords. Be dynamic, resourceful.
  9. Myself: King of Cups. Creative, generous.
  10. Teacher: Queen of Wands. Surrender to the dark female energy.