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Persephone Tarot Spread

By tarotpugs.com

Haindl Tarot
  1. What must I acknowledge that I’m unable to change in my life? Eight of Cups • Failure. I have failed, and will in the future, most probably. I can’t stop moving forward though even though my fears of failure hold me back.
  2. How can I take back my power in my life despite the things I cannot change? Strength. Strength of spirit. My life is not just about failures and victories. Reinforce that my inner strength can prevail.
  3. How can I use the challenges in my life to my advantage? The Universe. Things are going to open up. Move past the failures to success. Open to the Universe.
  4. What must I give up to gain something in return? Three of Cups • Overflowing. Part of my fears of failure come from my aversion to not being happy, secure. I need to see the benefit of taking the uncomfortable without withdrawal into fear.
  5. How can I make the most of what is happening in my life? Queen of Cups. Be grounded and confident in your innermost being. Be in control of negative emotions.
  6. Words of encouragement from the Divine? Prince of Swords. Continuing in the path I want to follow, study but action also.

The Inverted Pentacle

Past life study.

Haindl Tarot

Earth: Prince of Cups. Naivety.

Water: Six of Stones • Success.

Fire: Nine of Swords • Cruelty.

Air: Alchemy.

Spirit: The Wheel of Fortune.

Current self: The Sun.

Interesting that there is a Water card in an Earth position and an Earth card in Water position. The same for the Fire and Air positions.

This is the first spread. This a snapshot of some past life that is affecting my karma.

I was naive, so I’m wondering if I didn’t live past my teens. I was probably in a loving family. I had some trouble with the Swords in Fire, maybe leading to my demise. My mental abilities we moderate. Spiritually, I went through cycles of beliefs. My current self is the Sun, this life has had its ups and downs but mostly happy and fulfilling.

Am I on the Right Path

Haindl Tarot

Spread from Emerald Lotus Divination

  1. My current direction. Ace of Stones. Health and prosperity.
  2. Why I am not confident in my direction now? Seven of Cups • Illusions of Success. I am complacent and I fantasize.
  3. Change I have to make to feel better about where I am headed. Seven of Wands • Courage. Power for transformation. The two Sevens work together showing the problem and a solution.
  4. & 5. The bigger picture of my life & and what I am not understanding. Death and Three of Wands • Virtue. The bigger picture is that I am in the midst of transformation. What I am not understanding is that I need to create harmony and peace in my life. 6. How can I embrace the unknown rather than fear it? Two of Swords • Peace. Realizing that I am on the right path and to treat the unknown as a renewal.

The Encampment

The homeless camp under the freeway overpass.

Tents cropping up like mushrooms

In a weedy lot.

Tarps stretched across shopping carts

And whatever works.

Morning time, time to move around

Time to figure out what to do with the day,

A hot California day.

Bus benches to take a rest,

Or lay down in the shade.

And I drive by to get my morning coffee,

Throw a few cards, see my routine baristas

And drive back the same way, hoping

Against hope for these, for these are family.

These are my mothers and fathers,

These are my sisters and brothers.

What do I pray, when their prayers

Wither in the heat

Or freeze in the winter.

But I pray against all hope for them

As I drive past the homeless camp.

Your Angels and Demons

Haindl Tarot

Spread from tarotgram.tumblr.com

  1. Current state of balance. Prince of Cups. Lean more to the light side, but some naivety about that.
  2. My light side. The High Priestess. Intuitive, spiritual.
  3. My shadow side. Nine of Stones • Power. Arrogance. Overbearing.
  4. How does my light side express itself in my life? The Hermit. Withdrawal, introversion.
  5. How does my shadow side express itself in my life? Ace of Cups. Miscommunication.
  6. Advice for balancing my light side. Three of Swords • Mourning. Don’t avoid sorrow.
  7. Advice for balancing my shadow side. Prince of Stones. Be more positive.

Message from my Spirit Guide.

Haindl Tarot

Spread from jonikatarot.com

  1. What should I remember that I am forgetting? Prince of Swords • Osiris. Take care of myself with kindness.
  2. What is my Spirit Guide trying to tell me? The Chariot. That I have the mastery I need to progress. I need to move past this stasis.
  3. What is the advice my Spirit Guide is giving me? Seven of Swords • Uselessness. That I am not useless. That I have the capability to move further on my path.
  4. What would be the outcome if I decide to follow that path? The Moon. Going deeper into the shadows, following the path to individuation. But I need to relate this inner creativity in my writing.