Dreamkeepers daily

The Devil with Eight of Swords as shadow. Wow, I am a mess.

The Devil represents bondage or addiction that hinders spiritual progress. Cannabis is my “addiction” but the card is more than just that. The material world is weighing me down also. Worldly concerns are causing me fear and trepidation. Which leads nicely to the Eight of Swords. That is feeling trapped in my fears. The way out is keeping an open heart while taking the necessary steps forward. So, I am a mess but I can work my way out of it.


Body, Mind and Spirit. Fountain Tarot.

Trying to get acclimated to using different decks so I can offer a choice of decks for readings.

Body: Four of Swords. Resting for renewal. I was able to do consecutive daily meditation and yoga. The sciatica is still hanging around, but is slowly getting better.

Mind: The Star. Clarity of focus. Well being. Learning the lessons of mindfulness. My mental processes work better when I’m grounded, at peace. (I don’t know what this means, but the image of Fountain’s The Star looks like a pole dancer.)

Spirit: Six of Coins. Generosity and gratitude. Working at being in peace in my body, mind and spirit. Which means me not beating myself up over issues. Looking deeper into situations to see underlying issues developing in my interactions with others. Giving people the benefit of the doubt.

Shadow: Ace of Wands. Inspiration. Need to bring the Fire. Finding the energy and spirit to make my Tarot business website.

Dreamkeepers daily.

Three of Swords with Nine of Pentacles as shadow.

An odd pairing. The Three showed up yesterday as the shadow.

Except it was the day before yesterday.

My Mother-in-law is in hospice care and my wife is currently staying at her sister’s house with her other two sisters. I believe this is a collective grief flowing through our family at this time.

The Nine is satisfaction attained. How to fit this card into my shadow as coming from the Three of Swords? I have to look deeper, then I find that through this time of grief and physical and financial issues, I am satisfied in my life, in living. And that is why I keep going, to see what’s next.

Dreamkeepers daily

The Sun with Seven of Cups as shadow.

Coming out of darkness into Divine light. The Sun also illuminates the interior path as well as the physical. Also is a representation of health. My sciatica is improving, slowly, still have a partially numb foot, which is disconcerting.

The Seven is my mind on steroids trying to figure out creating my website. So many options and different issues to deal with. Feeling a bit overwhelmed but hopefully I will make the correct choices.

Triple Goddess Tarot, first draw.

I love gift cards, so I can get new decks without family’s concerns. The last two decks I have bought have been very feminine, which is fine with me. Women are the strongest of the genders in my opinion, so much to learn from them.

Justice with Three of Swords as shadow. The need to be responsible for my actions. Be open and balanced every day. Live with integrity. The Three cuts deep. Have a lifetime difficulty of judging myself harshly on my bad decisions, feelings of failure. With Justice I can maintain an objective view of the lessons that cut deep and not dive into depression.

Dreamkeepers daily

Double Courts, double Kings. But not the ultimate card of the suit, the Queens take that honor in Dreamkeepers.

King of Wands. Confidence, courage and daring. Let this Fire move my project along. Be confident in your arts, Tarot and writing. Make it come alive.

King of Cups as shadow. Strong heart. Emotional stability. Being able to keep objective in the pursuit of my goals. Not neglecting taking care of my loved ones.

With the Kings I can balance the Fire of Wands with the Water of Cups. An odd combination but it works.

Dreamkeepers Body, Mind and Spirit.

I like to do Body, Mind and Spirit on Mondays.

Body: Ace of Cups. New beginnings, reaching for the desires of my heart. My sciatica is on the mend, parts of my left foot is numb, but there is much improvement. My desire to is to heal, but I have to work it out.

Mind: Five of Swords. Contention, conflict. No win situation. Well, worry about our financial situation is always there along with the feelings of failure. But taking steps to alleviate the situation.

Spirit: Seven of Wands. Standing against real or imagined threats. This one is tough because I don’t feel that my spirituality is under threat. Can’t really label my self under a specific path. The only threat I can think of is lack of self discipline in my meditation practice. Sometimes too busy some days to go to ground. Was less busy when I worked compared to retirement.

Shadow: The High Priestess. Looking inward, developing intuition. The Divine is always sending inspiration and wisdom daily, I need to quiet myself to listen. Looking for more than the physical world can offer.